Cathay Pacific Lounge Bangkok

Cathay Pacific Lounge Bangkok

The Cathay Pacific lounge in Bangkok was re-opened in June 2015 and follows the newer format of CX lounges like those in Manilla. It’s taken the space previously occupied by the BA lounge and created one new combined First and Business lounge and seats 140 people. If you’re flying on a One World airline this lounge is now one of the few choices for you in Bangkok. There’s still a Jal lounge which isn’t as good as CX but the Qantas lounge has closed now with passengers redirected to the inferior Louis CIP Tavern lounges.

Design is a combination of soft lighting, leather armchairs and wood panelling. Overall it’s has a nice homely feel to it, especially if it’s not too busy. I particularly liked the leather armchairs and footstools with a view over the runway, great to sip a gin and tonic and watch the apron traffic and take offs and landings. Power sockets are cunningly hidden in the side table in a drawer.

As in Manila, there’s a noodle bar with freshly cooked to order noodles and mostly Asian food. One thing we don’t like is that the fresh food seems to be very heavily balanced towards Asian dishes. Personally I love a lot of Asian foods but sometimes if you travel a lot you want something simple and closer to home. The noodle bar is a firm favourite in Hong Kong and they’re now using this format in the new lounges, however in Hong Kong there are plenty of other hot Western choices but not in the lounge outposts. That being said the food is very good and I took it as a last chance to sample some Thai food with a quite excellent Pad Thai and a steamed Chinese pork bun served in its own bamboo steamer. Delicious!

There are some cold Western options available normally a choice of two sandwiches and a small salad bar, it does feel an afterthought when compared to the noodle bar menu. It would be good to see a Western choice or two on the menu if you’ve had your fill of noodles!

All in all though it’s a good redesign with plenty of space, good bar and great good if you want Asian choices and OK food if it’s Western you want.